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26mm Garmin Watch Band - WATCH PRE-ORDER

26mm Garmin Watch Band - WATCH PRE-ORDER

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This listing is specifically for 26mm Garmin watch bands. It has a 24mm band width, and a 26mm step up for the larger Garmin watch. It comes with a clasp, BUT NO HARDWARE. You will reuse your hardware from your Garmin 26mm watch band.

Garmin 26mm Band Watches

YMi Tactical watch bands are made using either a commercial 500d cordura laminate or a 500d cordura laminate that is made in house by YMi Tactical. This is dependent upon which pattern you order.

The short side is 75mm and the long side is 125mm. This is just the band length. There will be minimal extra length with the hardware. Thickness is 1.5mm to 2mm depending on pattern.


Watch bands come in many different size widths that correspond to standard watch sizes. Almost all watches use standard widths for the band and hardware. You as a customer are responsible for making sure you order the correct width for your specific watch. A simple google search can help you figure out the width and hardware your watch needs. If you need help or have a question, please don't be afraid to email us or send a message on IG. I want to make sure you get what you need.

****The new Garmin Tactix 7 does use a 26mm band width. HOWEVER the spring pins are NON REMOVABLE!!!! This was a poor design choice on Garmins part. The only way to be able to use YMi Tactical watch bands on a Garmin Tactix 7 is to cut/destroy the spring pins and get large diameter replacement pins from Garmin. I have talked to a few customers who have done this, however YMi Tactical has not personally verified this and will not be responsible for any damage or if the band doesn't work. If you do not feel comfortable doing a bit of modification to your Tactix 7 and some research, I please ask you not to order a YMi Tactical watch band for your Garmin Tactix 7. I apologize for any inconvenience****

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