Watch Band FAQ's

Here are a few questions and answers about YMi watch bands that get asked quite often.

#1 How do I clean my watch band?

  • This is what I suggest and personally do myself as well as my son..... At least once a week I lightly scrub it with a tooth brush and dawn dish soap. A cloth watch band, doesn't matter who makes it or what it is made from, NEEDS TO BE CLEANED. It is on your hands and collects sweat, skin, and anything you touch. If you don't clean it..... it is going to smell, simplewas that. Do you wear your underwear more than a few days and not wash them..... didn't think so.

#2 How do I take care of the "fuzz" on the edges of my watch band?

  • The way YMi Tactical watch bands are made, the edges will "fuzz" or lightly "fray". It is simple to take care of. Just take a lighter or candle and carefully go around the edges of your watch band. If you keep up with it, there is will be no harm to your watch band. This is common with this type of material as well as others like leather. Some patterns are worse than others. This is not covered under warranty. I have thousands of bands out there with many of them having months to over a year and half being worn everyday. It's just like anything else and needs care and maintenance. I recommend doing this weekly along with washing your watch band.