Stocked Inventory of Patterns

This is a list of all the patterns that YMi Tactical currently stocks. It is quite vast isn't it? I have close to 50 colors and patterns in stock at all times. You won't find a selection like this anywhere else. 
All these patterns are made in the US. Some of the foreign patterns are genuine from Germany, England, Australia, Poland etc etc. Quite a few of them are Mil-spec and Berry compliant. If you would like more information on the cordura or any of the materials used in YMi Tactical Gear, please send us a message. We would be happy to discuss the details. 
If there is a pattern or color that you do not see listed, please contact us and I will see what I can find and possibly aquire it.
Stocked Velcro Loop and Webbing
Multicam Original
Multicam Black
Multicam Tropic 
Mulitcam Tropic 
Multicam Arid 
Multicam Alpine 
Ranger Green
Coyote Brown
Wolf Grey
Tan 499
Olive Drab
M81 Woodland
Rhodesian Brushstroke
DNC (Velcro Loop Only)
Tropentarn (Velcro Loop Only)
Brookwoods B52 Cordura Laminate
Multicam Original
Multicam Black
Ranger Green
Coyote Brown
Wolf Grey
I also have the capability of making my own laminate in house out of any pattern listed here.


Solid Colors
Ranger Green 500D/1000D
Coyote Brown 500D/1000D
Black 500D/1000D
Wolf Grey 500D/1000D
Tan 499 500D/1000D
Olive Drab 500D/1000D
MAS Grey 500D
Navy Blue 500D
LAPD Blue 500D
Fluorescent/Blaze Orange 500D


Multicam Patterns 
Multicam Original 500D/1000D
Multicam Black 500D
Multicam Tropic 500D
Mulitcam Tropic 500D
Multicam Arid 500D
Multicam Alpine 500D
Australian Multicam AMCU 500D
RM81 (Modern Style of M81 Woodland)


Regular Patterns
M81 Woodland 500D/1000D
DCU 500D
Vietnamese Tiger Stripe 500D
 USMC Woodland Marpat 750D
M84 Danish Flecktarn 1000D
80's Splatter 600D
Pencott Badlands 500D


Premium Patterns
 AOR1 500D
AOR2 500D
DNC 500D/1000D
Rhodesian Brushstroke 500D
Tadpole Tiger Stripe 500D
Desert Tiger Stripe 500D
WW2 Jungle Frog Skin 500D
WW2 Beach Frog Skin 500D
German Flecktarn 560D
German Tropentarn 560D
German Splittertarn 500D
WZ 93 Pantera (Polish Woodland) 500D


Limited Edition Patterns
 UCP-Delta 1000D
Russian Surpat 1000D
British DPM 500D
Australian AUSCAM 1000D


There are many more camouflage patterns that I can also get but don't stock. Hunting patterns from mossy oak and realtree, others like A-TACS, Pencott, Kryptek, and I'm always on the look out for cool obscure patterns. If there is something you don't see, shoot us an email or message and I'll see what I can do for you.