YMi Tactical does provide international shipping please contact me for a quote. Current lead time is 7 - 8 weeks. Fast ship items are 3 - 4 weeks.

Lead Time - Made to Order Policy

By placing your order, you are accepting and consenting to the lead time - made to order policy.

You accept that your order for normal items will be filled in 30 TO 60 DAYS, POSSIBLY UP TO 90 DAYS, from the date that you order.

You accept that your order for fast ship items will be filled in 20 TO 30 DAYS,  from the date that you order.

Neither statement above include shipping times.

Since I am one man show, that does everything from cutting, sewing, sales, shipping, paperwork, customer service, communications, inventory, ordering, etc etc etc.... you get the idea 😉. I do unfortunately have a lead time. 

Everything that is ordered is made to order, specifically for you, the customer. I do not keep anything stocked as that would be the hardest guessing game ever. If I get free time, I will make popular items, but in the past, free time is hard to come by.

Each listing has its lead time CLEARLY marked and displayed. If for any reason the lead time would extend past the time stated above, you will be contacted immediately. If you choose not to wait past the time stated above and are contacted about a late order, that is fine and you will not be penalized or charged the cancelation fee. If however you accept the extended lead time, and decide to cancel afterwards. You will be held responsible for the cancelation policy. 

I try to be very fair and very upfront and open about my lead time. Unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about it. I want to stay small and an exclusive business, therefore I do not trust ANYONE but myself to make your gear.

If you cannot accept these terms, please do not place an order. If you're patient and have no problem waiting for some of the nicest, highest quality gear in the market, then by all means please place your order.

Thank you!