About us

Hello there! My name is Dan and I am the sole owner and operator of YMi Tactical. 

I started this business in early 2019. It was just a personal hobby, making gear for myself and my son. I then posted some pictures of what I made on Facebook and people were like "Hey that is really nice! Would you make me one to buy?" Well that was over two years. You now see what has come forth from where I started.

What I offer is not quite like anyone else. I bring my OCD and A game to the table to make some of the nicest gear you've ever seen. While I may not be the fastest, the wait is well worth it. I put my heart and soul into each and every item I make. I want to put out products like I would want to buy. If I don't like it, then I don't sell it. When you purchase YMi Tactical Gear, you will be happy, I guarantee it.

I only use the highest quality materials which are mostly all made in the good old USA. Most of the foreign patterns are genuine to their country, but if not they are still made in the US. I do not use inferior imported materials in my gear.

Here are some of the name brands I use.... A&E thread, Velcro brand hook and loop, MMI hook loop and webbing, Murdock webbing, Brookwoods cordura, Crye Multicam cordura, YKK and Ideal zippers, and the list goes on. 

Most of my materials are mil-spec or better, as well as berry compliant. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't be afraid to reach out and email me. 

So if you'd like to support a small business and in turn his family.... by all means please order from YMi Tactical! I have and always will be extremely appreciative of your business. THANK YOU!

Personal About Me

If you'd like to get to know me a bit more.... here it is. I am a basic down to earth guy. I love and enjoy spending time in the outdoors with my family. We do quite a bit of camping. Although it isn't primitive camping, I still am quite knowledgeable at survival type of camping. I wouldn't consider myself a prepper, just more of a just in case kind of skill. 

My whole family is very creative and talented. My wife also sews, and makes bags and many other hand made items. She has had her own business for many years selling her items. My son is very skilled in painting and model making. He 3D prints and makes his own movie props from Star Wars and other movies. My daughter is also a skilled painter and we have many of her paintings hanging in my wife and I work shop.

I grew up most of my life on a farm. I was in Boy Scouts for many years since I was young. I was also in 4H and FFA. My senior year in high school, I achieved my Keystone Degree in FFA. 

My main background is basically mechanical. I took four years of welding and fabrication in high school. I'm very skilled in welding and machining. For many years I worked as a fabricator building semi trailers. I also worked in the tire industry from a teenager. I ran 24 hour road service for many many years. Working along side the highway changing tractor trailer tires. I even had a few years working in quarries and construction sites changing large equipment tires on machinery.

I'm a jack of all trades kind of guy. I love to tinker, and work on anything from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and four wheelers. My most recent hobby that I've picked up is amatuer radio. It is truly an amazing hobby, talking to people all over the world from my desk.

I have never served in the military, that is one thing that I do regret. I do thoroughly enjoy firearms and I'm a supporter of the second amendment. Proud to be an American!

Anyway that is me at a quick glance.